Amplifi by Accuity - The Next Echelon in CDI Performance
Tuesday, December 19th at 2PM ET

Join us for an informative session presented by Accuity's clinical, technology and client leaders 

Hear directly from the revenue cycle leaders and innovators who drove the development of Accuity's Amplifi Clinical Technology on how it came to be and how it's being used to expand our highly effective secondary review approach, driving even better results for our clients. 

Topics Include:
  • Why record integrity is imperative to health system success
  • Ways to supplement and measure efforts to achieve record integrity
  • How technology can fit into your clinical revenue cycle strategy and the impact it could have for your organization
  • How to evaluate technology solutions 

Meet the Presenters

Chief Executive Officer
Todd Van Meter

Accuity CEO, Todd Van Meter, has over 30 years of experience in hospital and physician revenue cycle management and outsourcing services to the healthcare marketplace. Most recently, Todd was president of the Ambulatory Services Division of Optum360, a provider of RCM solutions to physicians. Prior to Optum360, Todd was the president and chief operating officer of EOS Healthcare, a hospital RCM provider as well as senior vice president at CarePayment, senior vice president at Convergent RCM and vice president of hospital operations and new business for McKesson.

Chief Medical Officer
Dr. Hani Judeh, MD

An expert in middle revenue cycle and physician engagement, Dr. Hani Judeh has a proven track record of implementing innovative programs with exceptional results. Dr. Judeh oversees Accuity's clinical team of physicians and coders who perform physician-led clinical reviews as well as a physician-led quality offering with emphasis on risk adjusted data, value-based purchasing, and publicly reported data. As a practicing internist, Dr. Judeh provides middle revenue cycle insights through a clinical lens. Dr. Judeh is board certified in Internal Medicine. He continues to practice medicine as a faculty member at Mount Sinai Health System.

Chief Technology Officer
Glenn Dixon

As Accuity’s Chief Technology Officer, Glenn Dixon, spearheaded the development of Accuity’s Amplifi Clinical Technology and continues to drive innovation for the company, in addition to leading Accuity’s Information Technology team. With his extensive experience in software engineering and design, Glenn has had the opportunity to lead multiple transformative healthcare IT projects over the years. He has a deep understanding of technology within the healthcare space, and is focused on creating the framework for his team to imagine and build innovative solutions to make the healthcare revenue cycle more efficient and cost-effective.

Chief Client Officer
Candice Daszewski

With more than 20 years specializing in healthcare RCM, Candice has held key leadership roles in client delivery and client relationships at companies including nThrive and Revint (now Cloudmed) prior to leading Client Success at Accuity. In her current role, Candice has been instrumental in ensuring client perspectives and desired outcomes were at the forefront of the Amplifi Clinical Technology innovation that Accuity launched in 2023. She leads the Client Success team, and, in this capacity, Candice is responsible for delivering the highest level of satisfaction and success throughout the client experience.